How It Works

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    Create Open Lists

    BlogYours is an open to any visitor! One of the coolest features of BlogYours is the ability to create posts with images or embedded content for all to see and vote on! Others can then add to your list, competing for votes to see who gets the most votes.

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    Submit Your Story

    Why the name BlogYours? We want the best bloggers and wannabe bloggers everywhere to submit your original stories or blogs. You can link directly to your own blog if you have one, within your post. Create buzz within our website as the ‘best blogger’, with the most votes or shares.

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    Embed Content

    Maybe you’re not quite ready to submit a wonderful story or blog? That’s OK, just embed interesting content, such as a YouTube video, Instagram post, Twitter status, etc. You’re literally just a few clicks away!

Original Content Only

Please do not submit other people’s hard work. We don’t plagarize here at BlogYours. We have created a community of respect, where anyone can submit their original content & hard work. Please respect the copyright of others and post only original work. For more information see our terms.

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